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Welcome to Empire Steel Re-Rolling Mills (ESRM). ESRM is a leading steel manufacturing company that produces high-quality steel products for a variety of industries. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
We’re professional industrial

Quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction is our main priority.

Over 20 years experience

Our in-depth knowledge and proficiency have allowed us to consistently excel in delivering exceptional steel products and services to our valued customers.

Founded</br> 2000
Founded</br> 2000

Our Commitment

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Our team leaders

Abul Kalam

Group Chairman

Kausar Ahmed

Managing Director

Rifat Hasan Rahat

Director, CEO

Kakoli Akter


We’re Professional

We hold professionalism in the highest regard

High Quality

Excellence in product quality is our unwavering standard. No concessions made

Within expenditure limits

We try to bind our product price, as though mass people can buy
Empire Steel

We generate significant outcomes fueled by ambitious ideas

With a wealth of experience in the steel manufacturing sector, Empire Steel has cultivated a strong reputation for adding value to their customer and dealer relationships by consistently delivering standardized products of excellent quality, boasting precise section weight, accurate shape, and timely arrival.

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